I am a part-time clerk and full-time dreamer and lover of stories.

I enjoy reading, television and movies, walking, wine, digital photography, and pets.

I have an interest in fantasy, history, mythology and fairy tales, and spirituality, along with science and science fiction. I’m more inclined to historical fantasy than “true history” and favourite eras include the Renaissance and Regency.

I’m a childfree asexual and enjoy reading and writing stories with childfree protagonists and asexual characters.

I’m based in the UK and write from a British perspective in British English.

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I’ve been posting weekly content for a couple of years now, occasionally reposting older work with some edits or highlighting past favourites, but mostly new poetry, flash fiction, or drabbles. However I need some time out, so there won’t be a new #writingwednesday next week. Thanks for reading what I’ve posted so far, I’ll return when I can.

Flash Fiction: Just a Pint

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“Open the door!” The door shook with repeated thumps. Mrs George sat at the top of the stairs, shaking, with the children hiding under their beds. Mr George opened the door with reluctance. Immediately a police officer grabbed him and dragged him from his home.

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The More Things (Never) Change

Tyranny, witch hunts, hysteria and moral panics…

“Humans like to think they improve over time,” the lecturer said wryly. “That as a species we learn and grow. However some things never change.”

A picture appeared on the screen, a line drawing of a woman tied to a stake, villagers with pitchforks cheering.

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Flash Fiction: Just a Bit of Cloth

“Just wear it,” her brother says, unable to understand her reluctance. “It’s just a bit of cloth.”

“I don’t want to,” she says tearfully.

“It’s for the public good!” He gives her a sympathetic look. “It is for your own safety.”

It’s a symbol of oppression and control. She protested but the protest did nothing, not when so many citizens welcomed the law. Now she must cover up or face punishment and public shaming.

“Maybe it won’t be forever,” he says, exasperated. “Now put it on.”

Amaya puts on the headscarf before she leaves the house. The revolution which overthrew the monarchy did not make her free.

Note: since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the hijab has become compulsory in Iran. Women are required to wear loose-fitting clothing and a headscarf in public to this day. Mandatory covering laws are never fleeting.

Poem: If You Do Nothing

monochrome photo of resist signage
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If You Do Nothing

When your freedom is threatened
Your very of way life
Do you embrace it? Demand more of it?
Do you accept it without question?
Do you comply reluctantly?
Do you resist somewhat?
Do you rebel?
Where is your line in the sand?
When will each of you say “enough”?
And turn against your oppressors?


Fic: Protection

adult art caution cold
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Once upon a time there was a small park. It had a lovely patch of green grass. People used to picnic on it, dogs would run along it, children would play on it. The grass was accessible and regularly weeded and mowed.

Then the park manager decided the grass needed to be protected. He put up a sign saying “please avoid the grass” and a few people did, but many found the grassy field the only reason to go to the park.

So the park manager put up a giant fence so no-one could get onto the grass, nor could it be mowed. He put up signs that said “£100 fine if you go near the grass” and was pleased with himself for putting such protection in place.

A few people still walked through the park but no-one stayed long. Many stopped coming at all. The grass soon became overgrown and filled with weeds.

In trying to protect the grass, the manager had made the park a miserable place to visit and ultimately destroyed the thing he was trying to save.

If he’d listened to the people who used the park, he might have made a better choice.

Prose Poem:True Self

focus photography of white mask
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Are you confident in who you are
Do you show your true face
Or do you have to hide your feelings
Cover up your true self?
Are you able to stand up for your beliefs
Do you risk derision
Or do you follow the herd
Can you rock the boat?
Are you able to show your feelings
Do you act with sincerity
Or are you always performing
Hiding behind a mask?