Welcome to my wordpress blog. I’m a part-time clerk and a freelance writer and I enjoy writing fiction and blog posts. I enjoy reading widely, television and movies, walking, wine, digital photography, and pets. I love stories!

I have an interest in fantasy, history, mythology and fairy tales, spirituality, along with science and science fiction. I’m more inclined to historical fantasy than “true history” and favourite eras include the Renaissance and Regency (Regency romances in particular).

I’m a childfree asexual and as such blog about these topics from time to time. I also write about spirituality and nature, including eclectic paganism, and about wildlife.

I sometimes post photographs I’ve taken, as well as product reviews, book reviews, and blog posts about film and television.

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I’m based in the UK and I write from a British perspective in British English.

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Ficlet: Goats

This is a character moment I wrote about the character’s shared sense of humour. It will require some editing if it’s actually to be included in the novel WiP so I’ll share it here as is. Inspired by this advert 


If there was one incident Romaine had to point to that summed up how he and El were on exactly the same wavelength and thereby such good partners, it was this, which happened three months into El’s probationary period.

They visited a farm where there’d been reports of a sighting of a dangerous supernatural. The farmer who’d reported the creature to the agency eyed them with misgiving, chewing on his pipe. Romaine assured him that he was able to handle the creature and had dealt with them before.

“It’s not that,” the man said. “You’ll have to cross the goat paddock to get to the field where I saw it last. Nasty buggers, some of them. Sharp hooves.”

Romaine and El, in unison, as if they had rehearsed it, said solemnly, “I ain’t afraid of no goats.”

The man, understandably not reassured, shrugged and gestured for them to go ahead, goats, ghosts, hooves or creatures be damned.


Poem: Office Supplies


For the writerverse haiku challenge, triple haiku, prompt “back to work”

A stolen moment
amongst boxes of paper
and smell of toner

Their sighs of pleasure
drowned out by the vigorous

She straightens her skirt.
He leaves the room first.
They go back to work



Ficlet: Lost


Two friends see their situation very differently. Dialogue only fic for the writerverse prompt “lost”.

“We’re not lost.”

“Well, where are we then?”

“Heading north. We have to come out at the main trail again eventually, or the river and we can follow that back. The forest isn’t that big.”

“Big enough.”

“Don’t worry! Who was it who said that you can’t have an adventure if you’re always checking the map?”

“Someone who wasn’t tired, and cold, and bloody well starving.”

“I promise we’ll be back at the car before it gets dark, and there’s water and chocolate in the glove compartment. Just trust me.”

“Fine. But I still say we’re lost.”

“If you insist.”


Ficlet: Hatchling


Written for the tropebingo prompt ‘accidental baby acquisition. Three characters in a fantasy world discover a surprising addition to their team.
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Fic: Piqued


Originally written for the 2013 writerverse prompt dialogue only fiction, “What’s in the Bag?”

One character is being nosy and the other tries to stop them being inquisitive, while correcting their grammar.
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Fic: Calico

Summary: Colonel Montenegro brings the young princess Elspeth a surprising gift.  Originally written for the For the writerverse challenge “definition of adorable”  328 words. PG, no warnings apply.

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interlude: Stitches

Ficlet set pre WiP Sorceress Apprentice. 353 words. Bryony sews a dress for a customer. No warnings apply.


Interlude: stitching

Bryony stitched the seam of the dress with quick, efficient motions, her needle like a tiny silver sword piercing the dark velvet fabric. It reminded her of a painting she’d once seen, a school of dolphins dipping up from beneath the water’s surface before their graceful curved bodies disappeared beneath the waves once more.

She’d never seen the sea in person, let alone a dolphin, but she longed to. Yet the ocean was so very far away and she was just a seamstress without the means to pay for such a journey, let alone anywhere to stay to enjoy the scenery for a time.

The woman who would wear this dress could afford the journey. She’d made the order at the market Bryony and her sister, Kerine, had visited, their stalls set up side by side, the seamstress and the woodworker. These commissions were vital, the markets essential parts of finding customers.

The woman who’d chosen the design, picking the example dress Bryony had hanging from a rack showing the current popular styles, was taller and thinner than Bryony, her face and hair pale unlike Bryony’s dark looks, a noble beauty wearing jewels that sparkled in the sun. She’d handled the material samples with fingers that had never stitched or chopped wood or peeled vegetables, her skin as soft as the velvet she chose.

“I will wear it when we visit Greyville,” the woman said, naming a coastal town. “Lord Anders is holding a ball to celebrate the equinox.”

Bryony had said the right things, named her price and had it accepted without any haggling, taken measurements, and received a small deposit. This dress would be striking, low-cut, high-waisted, and flowing to mid-calf. The gold embroidery and seed pearls would draw attention to the cleavage. It would suit her client and hopefully impress the other guests at the ball.

What Bryony wouldn’t give to see the sea just once! But it was a ridiculous dream and so she poured her longing into her work, the needle threading its way through the material with ease and skill, the dress taking shape with every stitch.


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[Fiction] Interlude: Tea


Ficlet set in the WRE universe. No warnings apply. 885 words.
Kit visits an agoraphobic female Wolf.

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Fic: Cookies


Set in the WiP WRE verse. 445 words. No warnings apply.

“They’re awful,” El said, turning her back on the cookies, almost tearful.

Romaine had never seen perfectionist El before. But then last Christmas, when they were both working at the helpline, she’d booked leave and gone on holiday with her family. He’d never witnessed the intensity of her yuletide celebrations firsthand.

“They don’t look that bad,” Romaine said. Continue reading Fic: Cookies