I am a part-time clerk and full-time dreamer and lover of stories.

I enjoy reading, television and movies, walking, wine, digital photography, and pets.

I have an interest in fantasy, history, mythology and fairy tales, and spirituality, along with science and science fiction. I’m more inclined to historical fantasy than “true history” and favourite eras include the Renaissance and Regency.

I’m a childfree asexual and enjoy reading and writing stories with childfree protagonists and asexual characters.

I’m based in the UK and write from a British perspective in British English.

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Fic Snippet for NaNoWriMo from WiP: WRE

It’s NaNoWriMo and if you’re participating, good luck! For this month I’m posting snippets of things I’ve worked on during previous NaNoWriMos.


“Fancy a walk?” Romaine asked.

El nodded. “Want me to walk the wolf?”

“Would you? Thanks.”

Romaine went upstairs to get ready, El saying she needed to use the toilet, tie up her hair, and find a coat.

A few minutes later she came to meet him, pushing the door which he’d left ajar open. She was wearing a grey hoodie with little ear sewn onto the hood and the slogan “I am a cat” across the front. Romaine, now in wolf form, snorted at the hiding in plan sight pun and then used his nose to nudge the collar and lead he’d found from a bottom drawer and put on the coffee table.

El put the collar on and the slip lead, a green and white striped hoped cord with a leather stopper which she didn’t bother to adjust since he wouldn’t be pulling at her, and a large loop at the other end for her to hold.

“Keys?” she asked. Romaine whined, having forgot about that and gestured to the key box.

El picked up his keys and slid them into her pocket alongside her own, clipped to a loop on her jeans. She pulled the door behind them and locked up. On the way out, they met Mrs Cavanaugh.

“Oh hello,” Mrs Cavanaugh said.”This must be that beautiful dog. Can I pet him?”

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Fic Snippet for NaNoWriMo from WiP: SA

It’s NaNoWriMo and if you’re participating, good luck! For this month I’m posting snippets of things I’ve worked on during previous NaNoWriMos.

WiP: Sorceress Apprentice

“Sir,” the mayor said, approaching Emeri. “Would you do us the honour?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Emeri said. “If Bryony wishes.”

“Me?” Bryony felt the world spin, grasped for stability using every trick she’d learnt these past weeks. She and Emeri, dance the fire dance? This was something she’d dreamt of, of being the Festival’s Queen, of dancing with The Sorcerer, of being The Sorcerer’s Queen.

It was too much. A dream wasn’t supposed to be real. What if wasn’t like her fantasies, what if she trod in the fire, she wasn’t that great a dancer, what if she embarrassed herself, what if she embarrassed Emeri, what if  –

“Who else?” Emeri asked, his hand still outstretched.

She swallowed, placed her hand in his. He gave her a warm smile as he closed his fingers over hers. He understood how much it meant to her.

They made their way to the ritual fire and there was a smattering of applause and then silence as they took their places.


Writing Prompts

girl writing on a black keyboard
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This month’s theme was ‘gatekeeping’ and you can find the other pieces under the tag.

For this final #writingwednesday of the month I’m going to give some prompts coneced to the theme and also to the season. Create a work – fiction, poem, creative non fiction, or art based on any of these:

* Gatekeeping
* Censorship
* Exclusionism

* Autumn
* Seasons
* Halloween or Samhain

* “I’m part of the community despite what they say”
* “Sometimes I just go and play in the leaves, like a child does, and it helps me relax”
* “You can smell the change in the air”


Fic Snippet: Secrecy (WRE)

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This month’s theme is ‘gatekeeping’. Today’s piece is a snippet from my WiP, WRE looking at gatekeeping around the supernatural community and why they try to hide their existence from humans.

“I remember asking at dinner once, when I was a teenager, why we had to hide,” El said. “My father said it was for our safety. But afterwards my uncle took me out into the garden and told me more about the pact of secrecy. How the Council came together and the Wolves wanted peace. That our biology made us stronger. But how it also meant we would never outnumber the humans, unless enough vampires and wolves went on a rampage to force change upon people and that could not be allowed.”

Romaine nodded. Continue reading Fic Snippet: Secrecy (WRE)

Do You Write From the Heart? — irevuo

How do people feel when they read your writing? Have you ever asked yourself that? Have you ever thought about it after writing a story or an article? Do you think that is even a relevant question to ask? Anyway… what does it mean to write from the heart? What makes the difference? Well, read on and […]

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Fic: Female Presenting N8pples

Today’s piece looks at gatekeeping and the way Tumblr’s ban on adult content directly affected marginalised users including those who are LGBTQ+ and/or women and posited women’s bodies as sexual as compared to men’s.

access black and white blur cage
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A coffee shop, December 2018

“Female presenting nipples?” Josh laughed, leaning back in the booth with his coffee in one hand. “It sounds like a really weird conference. Or modern art piece. Or a one hit wonder pop band.”

Rachel nodded. “It’s ridiculous.”

“Look I only do Instagram and barely that these days. You’ll have to explain this Tumblr thing a bit more. They’re banning porn?”

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Weekend Writing Prompt #127 – Replace — Sammi Cox

I’m posting this a little early this week as I will be away from the computer tomorrow…please expect delays in approving links and pingbacks. Thanks for your patience. Happy reading and writing everyone! 🙂 A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a […]

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Fic: Fandom Policing

This month’s theme is ‘gatekeeping’. Today’s piece looks at gatekeeping and harassment in online spaces.

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John deletes his Instagram, his DeviantArt; he’s already deleted his tumblr and other sites linked to his J05draws username and set up a twitter under a new psuedonym. He’s relieved he never put his real name on those sites. Ten years ago he was enjoying being a fanartist. He was recently starting to use his popularity to highlight his original works and planning on taking commissions.

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Fic: No Pride in Exclusionism

This month’s theme is ‘gatekeeping’. Today’s piece looks at gatekeeping within the LGBTQ+ community.

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“You’re home early,” Roger said. Mae sat heavily on the sofa next to him, kicking off her heels. She leaned over to kiss his cheek and then leaned back, staring at the ceiling.

Roger muted the tv. “You okay?”

“I dropped out of the planning committee.”


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