NaNoWriMo – Day One

My wordcount:

My novel synopsis

When the magic their village takes for granted begins to fail, seamstress Bryony and her sister Kerine, a woodsmith, go to visit the sorcerer who lives nearby. Once a vital part of the community, neither the sorcerer Emeri, nor his equally powerful sister Sabrina, have been to the village in almost two years.

Emeri tells the sisters that he’s dying and that the magic will die with him. He has one last wish; to say goodbye to Sabrina. She left with a man she claimed to love – but whom Emeri did not trust – and has not been heard of since. Kerine offers to search for Sabrina, while insisting Bryony must stay behind to take care of Emeri as the illness progresses.

Bryony is initially a reluctant companion, but she soon finds herself at home in the mansion, developing her latent magical powers under Emeri’s tutelage – and developing feelings for him despite knowing heartbreak must lie ahead. She becomes determined to make most of whatever time they have together.

Meanwhile Kerine faces difficulties of her own. She eventually finds Sabrina, but bringing her home is going to be another matter entirely, for the sorceress has fallen victim to a wicked enchantment, one that maybe only her brother can break.

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