NaNoWriMo – Day 23 update & novel themes

I’m a little behind but I’m pleased overall with my progress, though I’m concerned that even if I win NaNo there is no way this book will be done. I don’t just mean it will need editing, I mean there is still going to be story to tell. Which is fine, but makes it a little more daunting.

I’ve definitely been learning things about how I work and write, and what I’m capable of, and what helps and what doesn’t. I also know I’ll want to dial back on the wordcount going forwards, because I’ve had to put some projects and activities to one side to focus on NaNoWriMo, but I still want to achieve a decent amount of productivity each month.

I made a collage/mood board at Polyvore early in the month to explore some of the themes of the novel. I think I was mostly right about them, though I’m still learning about the characters as I write, and still discovering things about the story. The image, and a brief text overview of some of the themes, is below the cut.

Themes, tropes, genre:
Fantasy Romance (magic is real); diversity (several characters of colour, female protagonists); sibling relationships; hurt/comfort; fairy tales motifs; metafiction/story within a story; learning to exceed believed limitations; Secrets, lies & misunderstandings (troubled family history); childfree (major character(s) identify as such without using that specific label)


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