Asexual Erasure & Insults

Rarely does a week go by without my seeing an article that talks about sex, and how someone is not happy they are not getting enough of it. Regardless of the tone of the article however, there is the horror of the comment section.
There’ll be some sensible comments.
There’ll also be hordes of apparently sex-mad commentators who are keen to insist that there is no pleasure compared to that of using someone else’s body to gratify your needs. That someone who isn’t being fucked isn’t worthy of existing, let alone being in a relationship.
If someone isn’t having sex with you? Dump them. You’ve been together five years? Still dump them. You really love them and you’ve got a child together? Dump them anyway.
This week it’s this article, in the Guardian:
” My partner won’t have sex with me, as the result of a past trauma. He is obsessed with, and terrified of, getting me pregnant, because of a past relationship. I’ve tried everything, but I am desperate. I cannot go on with him without sex. I love and want him.”

There are some good comments about how sex isn’t all penis in vagina, that relationships are more than sex, have they tried therapy, etc. People talking about their traumatic experiences and sexual issues. Asexuality is raised by a couple of people as a possibility.

Other people think he’s abusing her by withholding sex. They just want her to dump him. They suggest that he’s gay or bisexual and therefore needs therapy and/or to be dumped.

“when a man likes you, he will walk over hot coals to be with you and sleep with you.”
Okay then…that’s the same commentator though who derides any non-penetrative sex suggestions as “starters”, the prawn cocktail before the main course. What a delightful person they seem to be.

“Sex is the ultimate physical manifestation of the love you hold for someone,”
At least someone helpfully replies ” Your mother?”
What do you want to bet the OP has screwed someone he isn’t currently in a relationship with? How did the ultimate manifestation thing work out?
Can we stop with the sex=love equation?

Some people suggests he gets sterilised, which seems a no-brainer to me. The first comment to mention sterilisation however had another commentator reply that the man’s parents ought to have been sterilised (this comment has since been deleted by a moderator) Let’s be clear. They were saying that because the man is not fucking his partner he does not deserve to exist.

If you think asexuals do not experience discrimination, erasure, or hate, just read the comments on any article, in any newspaper, when someone mentions a reduction or lack of sex in their life.
It’s hurtful. But I’m more angry than sad. I did not choose this. It is not celibacy. It is my orientation as much as if I were a lesbian or a gay man. And those comments that mention asexuality in a positive light, those people who know that lasting relationships are not built on sex, those give me hope.


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