Drabble: An Evening Stroll

 fic: an evening stroll>

Title: An Evening Stroll
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Content Notes: No standard warnings apply.

I leap atop the fence and stalk my way across the narrow beams, graceful as an Olympic gymnast. The moon lights my way, but I see perfectly well in the dark. I stretch and drop soundlessly to the ground.

I pad around my territory, damp grass brushing my whiskers and wetting my paws. The evening’s scents tickle my nose. Eager to taste the aromas I open my mouth in what looks like a smile.

A moth flutters past. I chase it, partly for fun, mostly from instinct. It gets away. I yawn, languidly. I didn’t want to catch it anyway.


Notes: prompt from the 30 days of flash fiction 8) write a scene as a cat
Base photo by deemac1 at Morguefile.com

The ‘smile’ is the cat using the Jacobson’s Organ:
Besides using their nose, cats have another amazing organ that aids them in smelling. It’s called Jacobson’s organ or vomeronasal organ located in their mouth behind the front teeth. When cats detect a strong odor, they often open their mouth slightly, breathing through it, allowing the smell to travel into their mouth and captured by the Jacobson’s organ. Cats are able to use this powerful organ to tell the gender of a cat, his health status, even predict unusual occurrence such as natural disasters. [source]
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