Prose Poem: Lies I Have Been Told

Lies I Have Been Told.jpg

base image from pixabay

Lies I Have Been Told

You’ll change your mind and want children

never have nor will

You can always talk to me

turned out not to be true

I respect your sexual orientation

only you don’t and you deride my pleasures

We can work through anything

not you being disrespectful of my identity

Of course I’ll help you with that

oh, not now though

I’m glad we’re friends

and now you’ve moved on

I’d love to read that, you should write it

I did write it and no-one is reading

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do it again

except you changed your mind

It’ll be you and me still keeping this fandom alive

well, me anyway

We value your efforts

but profit always comes first

I’m not going anywhere

yet you did

The Lie I Tell Myself

I won’t let anyone get close enough to hurt me again.



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