Fiction: A Wonderful Gift


Another “wolves” story.  A newcomer wishes to woo Ameris and join her pack.

The wolf prowled across the stone floor towards the steps that led to the throne. Ameris watched, a smile on her lips. He was a handsome creature, large and muscular, with thick white and black fur. Around his neck was a woven gold chain, from which hung a single jewel at the level of his throat.

The wolf stopped at the base of the steps and sat, regarding Ameris with cool green eyes. Ameris descended the steps slowly, hips swaying. She put one hand under the wolf’s jaw and lifted his head to meet his gaze.

“Show yourself,” she said.

The wolf became a man who was on one knee, his chin in her hand. Long shaggy black hair sat about his shoulders, and he wore a well trimmed beard and moustache. His toned chest muscles were also dusted with hair. The chain had lengthened so that it now hung with the jewel at his mid-chest.

“Well-met, Queen Ameris,” he said in a deep, husky, voice.

“And to you. Arise and tell me your name.”

He drew back, and stood. Ameris let her gaze rake his entire body. What she saw pleased her.

“I am Neyton. I bring you a gift.” He lifted the chain from around his neck. “The magic will ensure the chain remains around your neck, no matter your form, no matter if someone tries to take it. Only by your hands can it be removed while you live.”

He held it out and Ameris ran one finger over the cool links. She nodded, and bowed her head. Neyton placed the chain over her and Ameris lifted her hair over it so that the metal sat next to her skin. She felt the power surge as it connected with her.

“It is a fine gift. Why present it to me?”

“I and my brother are the last of our pack. He joined the vile brigands to the Northeast, but I sought better company. This chain is the most treasured possession of my line and I would see it only around the neck of the most worthy monarch.”

Ameris smiled wider. “You flatter me.” Her fingers found the jewel and caressed it.

Neyton waited patiently, silently. At last Ameris said, “You may join our pack with my blessing. And you may try for my hand when the next blue moon arrives.”

Neyton bowed. “Thank you, Queen Ameris.”

She nodded, still fingering the crystal. It was a wonderful gift.


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