NaNoWriMo 2017 – fic snippet

At the end of day 20 I finally reached 28k for NaNoWriMo.
This is a supernatural novel; the details are here and a snippet follows below the cut

“Sssh, it’s okay,” Woods soothed. He smoothed back Romaine’s hair with one hand, the other hand on top of both of Romaine’s as they kept pressure on the wound.

It wasn’t okay.

Romaine wasn’t certain it would ever be okay. He’d been stabbed once but this gunshot wound was worse than that. Worse than any other injury he’d sustained, on duty or otherwise. The silver warred against his healing abilities, the full moon not a comforting presence but a terrible influence at this moment as his body sought to cover or expel the pellets and was thwarted by the burning silver.

This was how you killed a werewolf.

He’d made a will, long ago. The agency recommended it. Everything went to his parents, though they were barely part of his life now. Estranged from him as well as each other. But he’d never found a spouse, a life partner, any friend he trusted or cared enough for to entrust them with the overseeing of his limited estate.

He wished he’d washed up. He’d made a sandwich before leaving for work, ham and cheese. The plate, the butter knife, the cheese grater, the glass he’d used for orange juice, a mug he’d made coffee in. They were all sitting in the sink waiting for him to come home. He’d been running late and now whoever had to go to his flat would see how untidy he was.

It was a ridiculous thought but there it was.

“Romaine. Hang in there. Stay with me.” Woods was giving him a bright smile, the sort that was supposed to be reassuring but only made Romaine more certain he was dying. If it was no big deal then his partner would be making jokes.

Romaine couldn’t reply even if he wanted to. His breathing was laboured and he had no oxygen to spare.

Every jolt of the Land Rover was fresh agony and, by the time they reached the clinic, death wasn’t even such a terrible prospect.

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