Sorceress Apprentice: A New Fantasy


A New Fantasy
For the Merry Month of Masturbation challenge,  a condensed snippet from my WiP, Sorceress Apprentice, in which Bryony pleasures herself.

The night was warm and sleep eluded Bryony.

She stared at the ceiling and let her fingers creep under her nightwear, tucking back the cotton. Beneath the sheets she fingered her soft folds, and began to rub at her clitoris. She felt her nipples harden, her heart beat faster. The sensation was pleasurable but it wasn’t quite enough.

The mythic hero Westin; she remembered how he seduced Cora. Saw it in her mind but she was Cora, and Westin with his shock of fair hair kissed her thighs.

To her disappointment Westin wasn’t getting her excited this night. She’d have to find another fantasy figure. Perhaps someone she knew in reality? Ben; he was handsome and kind even if their relationship had not lasted. Sometimes she could think of him and get aroused. He’d rarely made her laugh though, not the way Emeri did.

Emeri. She’d never dared think of him in such an intimate way. Her fantasies had been to have him look at her, maybe converse with her, dance with her at the most. He was charming and unavailable and safe to think about. A nobleman would never look at a peasant that way.

But here she was, in his house. If anything he was better than the fantasy she’d thought of, a more approachable, self-deprecating, generous man than she’d imagined.

It felt somewhat wrong to fantasise about him directly however. With inspiration, Bryony grabbed for the story of Lucas, an explorer who was, unlike Westin, possessed of long dark hair and eyes like the ocean which he loved (the ocean Bryony longed to see for herself).

One hand went to her clitoris as she thought of Lucas’s lips against hers.

Her index finger quickened its motions, her breathing grew fast, her whole body now aroused.

Lucas…and yet…

Emeri with his dark hair and bright blue eyes; what it would be to have him kiss her lips, to run those talented fingers over her body.

To have him make sweet, magical – it would be magical, everything was with him – love to her. To lie on the beach and have him long for her.

Emeri, she repeated once more as she stroked herself to a wonderful climax.

In the warm afterglow she lay with her eyes closed. It was a new fantasy, inappropriate and foolish, but so satisfying.


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