Drabble: The Witch and The Moon



The Witch and the Moon

An exact drabble. For the 100-tales prompt “moon”. As always, thanks for reading; comments, concrit, likes/shares are all welcome.

“A witch is always accompanied by the moon,” she said.

He gazed up thoughtfully at the stars twinkling in the midnight blue canopy. “But what about when the moon is new?”

“The moon is always there, even if we cannot see Her. Day or night, full or new. To stand outside beneath a full moon is powerful, spiritual, yes. But we are never far from Her,” she said. “Besides the new moon has its own magic of fresh starts.”

“I see.” He looked at her now, secure and confident in a way he’d never seen her before. It suited her.


2 thoughts on “Drabble: The Witch and The Moon

  1. Hmmm, this may be true! Short and sweet – and the story’s complete! But no more giving away trade secrets! 😏 😉 We witches need SOME mystery! ✌😊


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