Writing prompt/challenge

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Sometimes I choose a theme or style for the writing I’m going to post each month. I’ve written 3 sentence fic, drabbles, and this month, double drabbles (200 words).

Since this is Wednesday #5 of the month, for this week’s #writingwednesday I’m giving you a challenge.

Write one flash fiction/fanfic/poem that is one of these:
1) 3 sentences
2) 100 words (exact drabble)
3) 200 words (double drabble)

and relates to one or more of the following:
1) seasons/nature
2) gratitude/thankfulness
3) magic/wish

and for “bonus points” (there are no actual points!) use one of the following:
1) write all dialogue
2) write without using dialogue
3) write so that the first part is the opposite of the second part (eg sun/moon, night/day, despair/hope)

Example: 3 sentences, thankfulness, no dialogue

She couldn’t sleep, restless as she tossed and turned, the night heavy and oppressive. The long dark before the dawn weighed on her, body and soul. When the sun rose she gave thanks, and stepped out into the light.



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