Fic Snippet: Bonding (WRE)

One evening at the call centre, El asks to see Romaine’s Wolf form and reciprocates by shifting into her Cat form.
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close up photo of blue eyed white fur dog
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Romaine hit the AWAY FROM DESK button and went off to the changing room – the double entendre was not lost on him.

He stripped off his clothes and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, held it for a count of three, let it out slowly, allowing the Wolf to take over.

The change was smooth enough, one knee creaking a bit, and he was sure his shoulders would benefit from this shift after he’d been sat at the desk so much this week. The twinge from the shrapnel was unmistakable but he didn’t grit his teeth. That only ever caused blood. He didn’t want to show El his wolf-form with blood dripping from his teeth like some fairytale predator.

He padded out into the hall and into the office. El had fetched the drinks and was sipping coffee. Her eyes widened and she put the mug down.

“Oh, Rommie. You’re gorgeous.” She moved to crouch down and stare into his eyes. “May I?” She gestured with one hand.

He nudged his head forwards, his nose brushing against her chest. El laughed and petted him, running her hand over his head, behind one ear. He tipped his head, enjoying the sensation. It had been a while since anyone had caressed him like this.

El’s fingers glided along his spine before she returned to fondle one ear. “You must turn heads.”

He sat on his hind legs and thumped his tail.

“My turn,” El said. With no regard for privacy she tugged off her boots, tossing them aside, and grabbed at the hem of her red sheath dress. In one swift moment she pulled it up and over her head. She was utterly naked beneath, no underwear.

Romaine’s tail stilled.

El pulled the hair clip from behind her head, tossing it onto the desk. Her sleek hair cascaded down to her waist. She didn’t close her eyes. She crouched down, put her hands on the floor.

Romaine watched as the shift began. There was an aura he could see in wolf-form that was unseen by human eyes. The air around her shimmered. Her skin rippled. Claws sprouted from hands that became paws. El was no longer human when she lifted her head and met his gaze, yellow eyes meeting his.

He stood and approached the beautiful and powerful black panther.

She showed her teeth, tipped her head playfully, rolled onto the floor to show her belly. He bent over, sniffed at her throat, licked at her cheek. El purred. Romaine lay down next to her and rolled over to show similar vulnerability.

Lithe, she spun over and rubbed her head against his shoulder in long strokes of undeniable scent marking, before she rolled onto all fours and began to turn back.

Romaine padded back to the changing room to shift back and dress once more. When he returned to the office he sat down, swinging his chair around to face El, his coffee in one hand. “I didn’t realise you intended to go naked in the office.”

She scoffed, still fiddling with the hair clip. “I don’t mind being naked.”

“What about all the windows?” Romaine gestured.

“Meh. No-one overlooks us directly.” Her tone made it clear she didn’t care if they did, though Romaine was pretty certain their supervisor wouldn’t like a concerned resident reporting Nudity In Your Office And Won’t Someone Think of The Children. She put in her earrings, small gold hoops. “I didn’t intend to bond, but you were nuzzling me first.”

He hadn’t intended to either. But it had felt right. He’d wanted to be touched and liked that she had marked him. Her Cat scent as well as her perfume – floral, jasmine maybe? – lingered on him in a way that was undeniably pleasant.

“No regrets,” Romaine said, and pressed the button to show he was back on duty.

“Me neither,” El said, finally fixing her hair and sitting back down.

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