Voted Most Likely…. – A Writer Tag

A great meme I saw on Tumblr. I do hope to complete it myself 🙂

So It Is (Re)Written

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Come one, come all, to my first ever tagging game*! Mwahahaha.

The Game:

Choosing from among your own original characters, answer the below questions based on which character best suits the answer, then explain your choice.

The Rules:

Rule One: Thank the lovely blogger who tagged you. You know you want to.

Rule Two: Include this lovely link > in your post.

Rule Three: Use your own lovely Original Characters (OC’s); don’t use a friend’s characters or characters from your favorite fandom. They can be from any project, so long as you created them. For more fun, try to use as many different characters as possible.

Rule Four: Tag at least five lovely blogger friends to play along.

And I Choose:

Note: There are other people I would like to tag, but I know they’re mutuals with…

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