Flashback December: Yule

For this month I’m featuring some older works newcomers haven’t seen and others might not remember. I’d love to see others share their past work; there’s nothing wrong with celebrating earlier creations any more than there is re-reading a favourite book or re-watching a film!

This week’s poems feature Yule/Winter Solstice, which this year occurs on 22 December.


Solstice Haiku

Midsummer draws near

But in the south it’s winter

That reaches its peak

Poem: Yule

We wait for Yule

the shadows lengthening

the darkness surrounding us

for some a welcome relief

a chance to breathe

before a new start

the winter solstice

the longest night before

the rebirth of the light

brings promise of spring

to hold onto through

the winter months ahead

the wheel has turned

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