“From Stoicism to Hysteria: The 1957-58 Asian Flu Pandemic: Why Did the UK Respond So Differently?”

Interesting article by Freddie Attenborough. Some may find it not ‘left-leaning’ enough, particular in its criticism of the Guardian, and some snide remarks about contemporary social mores, but this is well researched with a lot of media articles quoted and presents a picture of what some have been calling a “panicdemic”, where media scare stories heighten fear over giving unemotional facts.
Some highlights:

“you can have as many scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, mathematicians and clinicians as you like; but decisions about which experts get the ear of government, which get favourable write-ups in the mainstream media and which end up on government special advisory panels – those decisions reflect and are driven by a society’s overarching values, fears, anxieties, norms, assumptions, prejudices, obsessions and expectations. ”
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Self-Publishing Glossary

Useful reference provided by inkbiotic 🙂


book-book-pages-bookcase-415071 Image from Pexels

There is lots of information around the internet on self-publishing, but what I found difficult was that all the information seemed to start in the middle, assuming that I already knew what all the programs were, and terms meant. To try and help any of you new to this to avoid the same confusion, here’s a glossary.

Publishing programs and files

Ebooks can be published in a number of different formats, each of which can be used on different ereaders and devices. Other file types here . I’ve just referenced the ones I know.

Mobi – a file used on Kindle ereaders

Epub – a file for kobo ereader and Blackberry

PDF – a type of file often used for other documents, but sometimes requested from reviewers to play on Acrobat.

Kindle – refers to the electronic book reader made by Amazon or the type of file…

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