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There is lots of information around the internet on self-publishing, but what I found difficult was that all the information seemed to start in the middle, assuming that I already knew what all the programs were, and terms meant. To try and help any of you new to this to avoid the same confusion, here’s a glossary.

Publishing programs and files

Ebooks can be published in a number of different formats, each of which can be used on different ereaders and devices. Other file types here . I’ve just referenced the ones I know.

Mobi – a file used on Kindle ereaders

Epub – a file for kobo ereader and Blackberry

PDF – a type of file often used for other documents, but sometimes requested from reviewers to play on Acrobat.

Kindle – refers to the electronic book reader made by Amazon or the type of file…

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Maybe You Don’t Need to Write Every Day

So many articles pile on the guilt if you don’t or can’t write for a day, a week, longer. But guilt doesn’t help and can in fact make things worse. This article is a much needed rebuttal to the “you must write every single day or you’re not a writer” mindset

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zAnnie_Scholl_Mug.jpgBy Annie L. Scholl

I’m not sure how I got the message that I had to write every day to be a “real” writer, but I’ll blame it on Julia Cameron and her book, The Artist’s Way. I read it when it came out in 1992. Cameron suggests a daily practice of “Morning Pages:” Three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing you do first thing in the morning.

To be fair, Cameron makes it clear that your Morning Pages don’t have to be “high art.” You can rant, write your shopping list over and over, whatever you want. She does insist, though, that you fill three pages—every day.

I did Morning Pages religiously—for about a week-and-a-half. Over the years, I’ve tried again and again. Although the daily practice of Morning Pages didn’t stick, the idea that I had to write every day to be successful did. After all, Ernest Hemingway…

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Product Review: Betty Crocker’s Red Velvet Cupcake Mix

Price may vary; I paid £2.25 from Asda.

I’d wanted to try a red velvet cake for a while and when May Day was coming up I thought it would a family treat to make cupcakes.

The package includes the cupcake mix, the frosting mix, 9 cake cases, and a packet of chocolate sprinkles.

Additional ingredients needed: 30ml of vegetable oil, 2 medium eggs, 60g butter and water.

Time to prepare: around 15 minutes for the cake mixing, 15-17 minutes for baking. After cooling, it took me longer than I care to admit to mix and apply the frosting! Remember to leave yourself time for the cakes to cool before frosting if you want to eat these the same day. I found they kept well and were fantastic the following day too.

Ease of use: 9/10 – the mixing and cooking instructions were clear and easy to follow.

I used a squeezy bottle to apply the frosting with mixed results, and did my best to scatter the chocolate on top. I think I need more practice!

Taste: 10/10 – delicious, moist and full of flavour.

Value for money: 9/10 – you have to add quite a few ingredients; however if you had to buy every single ingredient for a red velvet recipe you would be paying out quite a lot.

The complexity of the recipes I’d seen online was what made me try this mixture first. Now I know I enjoy the taste, I might be tempted to try a red velvet recipe from scratch.
However this is an easy, tasty, way to quickly bake enough cupcakes for a family treat. Recommended.

This is an unbiased review and I have not received any reward, financial or otherwise, from any persons or companies mentioned within the review.

All in Your Head

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Imagine someone you care about, a relative or a close friend, has a long term physical ailment. Let’s say they have a bad back. Now let’s add that they’ve been ill with a cold and a sneeze has aggravated their problems so they’re suffering more than normal.

Do you think it is reasonable to shout at them for not putting away groceries, given that it would not be impossible but would be painful for them to reach up to a cupboard?

If they’re feeling down because they haven’t been able to go out and go shopping or meet friends, because they’ve been ill, is it okay to get angry with them for being upset about it? Or to refuse to take them shopping, further isolating them, because they’re over emotional?

You have free minutes on your mobile and it’s no problem to phone their landline or their mobile. If they prefer you call the mobile, physically easier to get to, rather than the landline, do you make this small accommodation? Or do you refuse to talk to them at all because they’re just making a fuss?

Now, imagine the issue isn’t a bad back but a mental illness. Continue reading All in Your Head

Fables Buddy Read – Information and Signup

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Come Hither Books

Fables Buddy ReadAnnouncing the Fables Buddy Read and Blog Tour!

For Readers
We are doing a Buddy Read of the Fables graphic novels, by Bill Willingham. Anyone can join the discussion! We will read through the series at a rate of one volume every two weeks. Each volume is a little over 100 pages, and available through most libraries. Come join the fun!

For Bloggers
If you blog, you can also join the blog tour. The discussion will move from blog to blog, hosted by different bloggers. All bloggers are welcome, whether you’re a graphic novel newbie, a comics guru, a fairy tale fan, or just curious. More details for interested bloggers are at the end of this post.

For Everyone
Please help boost the signal. Reblogs are welcome, of this information and signup post, or of individual discussion posts. New participants are welcome at any time, so please join us…

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