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Today’s poetry topic idea is thirst. A poet could write about: Being thirsty Dehydration An inadequate supply of clean water The idea of being thirsty, with, for varying reasons, undrinkable liquid available Quenching thirst Drinking liquids Thirst in survival situations Thirst as a metaphor Here is an […]

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If you’re struggling for an idea of what to write, maybe M Sakran’s blog post can help inspire you.

Writing Prompts

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This month’s theme was ‘gatekeeping’ and you can find the other pieces under the tag.

For this final #writingwednesday of the month I’m going to give some prompts coneced to the theme and also to the season. Create a work – fiction, poem, creative non fiction, or art based on any of these:

* Gatekeeping
* Censorship
* Exclusionism

* Autumn
* Seasons
* Halloween or Samhain

* “I’m part of the community despite what they say”
* “Sometimes I just go and play in the leaves, like a child does, and it helps me relax”
* “You can smell the change in the air”


Weekend Writing Prompt #127 – Replace — Sammi Cox

I’m posting this a little early this week as I will be away from the computer tomorrow…please expect delays in approving links and pingbacks. Thanks for your patience. Happy reading and writing everyone! 🙂 A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a […]

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Writing prompt/challenge

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Sometimes I choose a theme or style for the writing I’m going to post each month. I’ve written 3 sentence fic, drabbles, and this month, double drabbles (200 words).

Since this is Wednesday #5 of the month, for this week’s #writingwednesday I’m giving you a challenge.

Write one flash fiction/fanfic/poem that is one of these:
1) 3 sentences
2) 100 words (exact drabble)
3) 200 words (double drabble)

and relates to one or more of the following:
1) seasons/nature
2) gratitude/thankfulness
3) magic/wish

and for “bonus points” (there are no actual points!) use one of the following:
1) write all dialogue
2) write without using dialogue
3) write so that the first part is the opposite of the second part (eg sun/moon, night/day, despair/hope)

Example: 3 sentences, thankfulness, no dialogue

She couldn’t sleep, restless as she tossed and turned, the night heavy and oppressive. The long dark before the dawn weighed on her, body and soul. When the sun rose she gave thanks, and stepped out into the light.



Writing Prompts

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For this final #writingwednesday of the month I’m going to go with some prompts. I hope they inspire you!

From fear to friendship
An unlikely partnership
Two’s a couple, three’s a triad
Their trusted advisor
“You’re the only thing I believe in”
The world at your feet
No stranger to weird or supernatural things
Work of art
“You know I didn’t mean it literally!”
Winter sun
Summer rain
Autumn mist
Spring night
Magic is real
Sentient household appliance

The Writing Page | Part One | Advice That Authors Should Reconsider & Revise


I have been reading a lot of writing articles and advice videos lately that have gotten me to consider all the bits of wisdom out there for writers just starting out. This led me to want to write a piece on all the bad advice writers should revise and reconsider ….

There is a lot of them out there and this series will be broken into two parts. In today’s blog post, I am discussing five pieces of advice that are not so helpful. I hope you enjoy the article and please leave in the comments below the worst writing/reading advice you have ever received. I would love to hear about them. Thank you!

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Prompt: Holiday


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Hi everyone! For the fifth Writing Wednesday of August here’s a prompt:
HOLIDAY (vacation)
After a few days visiting family this seemed like a nice prompt! If you’d like to write a short fiction about going to the beach, a blog post about your favourite place to visit, or to share a few photos then please do so!
Reblogs of this post are welcome and encouraged. I hope you have fun with this one 🙂



Self-Publishing Glossary

Useful reference provided by inkbiotic 🙂


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There is lots of information around the internet on self-publishing, but what I found difficult was that all the information seemed to start in the middle, assuming that I already knew what all the programs were, and terms meant. To try and help any of you new to this to avoid the same confusion, here’s a glossary.

Publishing programs and files

Ebooks can be published in a number of different formats, each of which can be used on different ereaders and devices. Other file types here . I’ve just referenced the ones I know.

Mobi – a file used on Kindle ereaders

Epub – a file for kobo ereader and Blackberry

PDF – a type of file often used for other documents, but sometimes requested from reviewers to play on Acrobat.

Kindle – refers to the electronic book reader made by Amazon or the type of file…

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