Ficlet: An Unexpected Find

Ficlet about an unexpected discovery, If it inspires you to write a longer work or you want to use it as a Story Starter, that would be amazing, please just drop a link back to this post, thank you!

An Unexpected Find

“What are the red ones?” Em asked, twirling the cellophane wrapped chocolate between her fingers.

Without thinking Joe  turned the box upside down because someone lacking the sense of a not so bright goldfish had designed packaging with the key on the bottom of the box.

Multi-coloured chocolates rained onto the floor.

“Oops,” Em offered, unwrapping the chocolate, presumably willing to play chocolate roulette.

Joe gave a deep sigh. He stared at the box, found the image of the red chocolate and said, “Strawberry Sunbeam. Dark chocolate with a soft strawberry filling surrounding a caramel core.”

Em popped the exotically named chocolate into her mouth and bent down. She and Joe picked up the chocolates, tossing them back into the box. Joe found a toffee lurking under the coffee table, having rolled away in a rather spectacular fashion, and on his hands and knees now spotted the glint of a silver wrapper nearby.

“Which ones are the coconut?” Em asked. “I should have take a photo with my phone. Let me put the lid back on and I’ll that.”

Joe was barely listening. He’d reached under the sofa and snatched up the Star Bright chocolate, a silvery foil wrapped white chocolate with a rum flavoured truffle centre, but something else caught his eye.

“What have you got there?” Em asked as he sat back up, the tiny thing balanced on his palm.

“A key,” Joe said. “A very tiny key.”

“I wonder what it’s for?”

“I don’t know.” But Joe wanted to find out.

This was going to be a bigger puzzle than which chocolate was his least favourite, the peanut and fudge connotation he found terribly mislabelled as “Fairground Delight”.


Fic snippet: An Invitation

A snippet from my supernatural drama WiP featuring shapeshifters and set in modern day UK, on the England-Wales border.

Romaine (Wolf) and El (Cat) are currently working at a supernatural helpline but Romaine was a field agent until taking leave after an incident, and El is biding time until her chance to make field agent.

An Invitation

El glowered as she typed. “My family is having a party,” she said. “Anniversary party for my great-aunt Madelana and her husband Grant. They’ve hired a room at a social club, a DJ, catering, full bar.”

“Sounds nice?” Romaine ventured uncertainly, twisting on his swivel chair to look at her. El was upset about some aspect of this party.

“It might have been, except my cousin Laura will be there,” El fumed. “Laura whom I hate, not Laura I like. Nor Lana from Texas. Laura the smug asshole.”

Romaine typed a few things into the database, updating some records. El’s extended family seemed impossible to keep track of but he was fairly certain he’d not heard of hated!Laura before. “Right.”

“If I show up alone she’ll make a snide comment. She’s engaged to some dumbass but he’s always too busy to come anywhere with her. He’s supposedly jetsetting around the world, saving illiterate llamas or building toys for endangered children or something.” El shook her head. “Flashes her engagement ring, talks about her So Important work in finances in fucking London, and how Findus is combating climate change by travelling the world in aeroplanes and helicopters.”

Despite the obvious hyperbole and sarcasm, Romaine had to ask. “Findus?”

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Best Wishes!

Cup and saucer, spoon, red diary, pink flower, chocolate cake on plate and lined book on a table with the text With Best Wishes

Happy Holidays! Happy Boxing Day to those celebrating today (assuming the scheduled post has gone out on the right day ;p) and I hope you’ve been having a wonderful time.

Thank you for following me, and for reading my work, for all the likes and shares and comments.

Best wishes for 2019, may it be a year of happiness and abundance for us all.

As this is the last Wednesday of the month and the year, I’ll mention my previous Christmas and winter themed works, maybe there’s something you haven’t seen before or would like to see again. They are all ficlets from the WiP:WRE with shapeshifter friends Romaine (wolf), El (cat) and Kit (also a cat).

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All the Arts

title page: All the Arts

She loved him the moment she laid eyes on him. He was sat on the stage, strumming a guitar, his golden hair lying around his shoulders, his eyes half-shut as he focused on the music.

Her friends were at least as interested if not as truly enraptured.

“I heard he’s an Olympian,” April said. “Javelin.”

Kendra gave a sigh. “I heard he writes poetry.”

“He won that chess championship last year,” Gary put in.

“You would know that,” April said, giving Gary a playful shove with her shoulder.

She sushed them, wanting to hear more of the music. As if he’d heard, he looked up and met her gaze. She felt her cheeks flush as she took in his ocean coloured eyes and the quirk of his full lips.

“A ballad,” he said and began to sing as he played. The melody was haunting, the words in a tongue she didn’t understand, his voice soulful. Tears pricked at her eyes before the last notes faded away.

The audience had swelled as he sang, the club filling up as night approached. The applause was deafening. He bowed in head briefly in acceptance.

“Something a little happier?” he asked and received an enthusiastic response. The tune this time made her heart sing and to the astonishment of her friends she moved to the dance floor. Usually too shy to dance in public, she found herself shaking her hips, tossing her hair, swaying to his voice.

When that song was done he disappeared backstage and the usual DJ returned to play a mix of late nineties tunes. She returned to her friends, sipped at her wine.

“I heard he’s got a degree in history,” April said, staring at the stool where the guitar player had sat.

“His Instagram has pictures of his woodwork,” Gary said, sighing as April giggled. “He’s a carpenter.”

“I bet he is good with wood,” April persisted.

“Uh-uh. Connie showed me a bracelet he made for her. He mostly works with metal,” Kendra said. “Connie said she commissioned him to make a decorative sword for Alex’s birthday.”

She shook her head. No one man could be capable of all those things.

April, in the midst of checking her phone and chattering as she did so fell silent and everyone looked at her before they realised she was looking behind them.

He approached them, tall, broad shouldered and limber, head held high with confidence, a man at ease with himself. She felt she loved him, told herself that was ridiculous.

“Good evening,” he said. “I hope you’re enjoying yourselves.”

April nodded and began gushing, Kendra trying to get a few words in edgeways. Shoved out of the conversation, Gary had given up entirely, looking around to see if John had arrived yet.

“I’m glad to hear it,” he said when April paused for breath and then turned his body to her, all his attention on her in a way that was unmistakable. “And you?”

He’d noticed her silence or her staring? She was flustered once more.

“Your singing is lovely.” Pathetic, trite! She sought to find better words but he gave her a genuine smile.

“Thank you.” He pushed back a strand of golden hair and she longed to reach out to caress the silky lock. “What’s your name?”

“Nas,” she said.

“Nas,” he repeated. He reached out to shake her hand but as she reached out he lifted her hand and pressed his lips to her knuckles. Her stomach clenched, warmth spreading through her. “It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Lugh.”

— — —
Previously I’ve written about a modern day Dionysus and Ariadne. I wanted to test the waters with something a bit different, a modern day Lugh, and maybe write more of this later.

Drabble: Negotiation

A dialogue only exact drabble (100 words)

“So, what’s the game plan?”

“The what?”

“The game plan. You know. The strategy for the meeting.”

“For one thing it’s to stop using Americanisms like that, or ‘touching base’ – we’re neither American nor athletes.”

“What about ‘grounded’?”

“That’s a military term, I believe. And hardly relevant in either its original term or the current context of stopping a teenager from leaving the house as a form of punishment.”

“Fine. So, what’s the strategy?”

“Same as always. Let them speak first, laugh at their initial offer, reduce it by half as a counter-offer, and then see where we’re at.”


Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Theres a kid inside my mind.  He wants me to make sense of all the horror and wonder contained in the world, and lace it into a compelling narrative—a narrative that lifts his heart, opens his thoughts, and inspires him to write a story of his own.

I think when we craft a story for that hidden version of ourselves, it seems to connect with everyone else’s.  And for an undeniable moment in that spot-on story, it seems we can be that kid again; the one who turns the pages with wide-eyed wonder, and has to restrain themselves from jumping up from their seat and whooping in delight.

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Flash Fiction: First Steps

first-steps illustration of a dragon reflected in water and the title text shown

A hatchling takes his first steps.  119 words.

He yawned, stretching his neck as far as it would go. He put out one foot, then another, trying to get his balance. He slowly lifted himself to a standing position.

Walking was tricky but he was determined. With each movement, his confidence swelled all the more.

In a few paces he reached the edge of the water and looked down at his shimmering reflection. He was a handsome little hatchling and he spread his wings. They weren’t big enough to lift him off the ground yet but they glistened in the sunshine.

He took his first ever drink of water and, when he was sated, sat on his hind legs and puffed out a small cloud of steam.

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