3 sentence fic: Everyday Magic

two people holding cake with lit candles
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Throw a coin into a well, blow out a birthday candle, pick up a pin. Small acts of superstition? Yes, but also they are small acts of magic that brighten an otherwise mundane world.

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By George Potter If depressed by your age Remember the Sage Who by numeric twist Would thereby insist That at year Twenty-one (The age of great fun) A mathematical quirk Commences to work Stopping further addition From then to perdition. He said “Double your age, Then add an ‘0’ Divide by your age, C’mon,don’t be […]

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3 sentence fic: Milo


woman sleeping
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He prowled silently across the room to where she slept, his black coat rendering him almost invisible in the darkened room.

He paused a moment, assessing his target, before he leapt onto her.

“Milo,” she murmured as he pressed into the crook of her legs, happily tucked himself up behind her knees, and began to purr.

Poetry topic idea: thirst — M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things

Today’s poetry topic idea is thirst. A poet could write about: Being thirsty Dehydration An inadequate supply of clean water The idea of being thirsty, with, for varying reasons, undrinkable liquid available Quenching thirst Drinking liquids Thirst in survival situations Thirst as a metaphor Here is an […]

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If you’re struggling for an idea of what to write, maybe M Sakran’s blog post can help inspire you.

Fic: Resolution

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She’s tired of the usual New Year’s resolutions. They’re so predictable and boring, uninspiring and leaning towards self-denial (give up this, cut out that) or self-torture (get up at 5am and run 5 miles every morning, go to the gym 6 days a week).

January, cold and wet, with still more hours of dark than daylight – all the more obvious when the Christmas decorations are carefully packed away until next year – is a bad time for these things. Late spring is the time that a fruit smoothie and a walk by the river might win over a bar of chocolate eaten while huddled inside in an oversized jumper and fuzzy slippers.

Breaking these over enthusiastic resolutions just seems to make people more miserable.

So this year she’s choosing happiness. What that means she hasn’t fully decided. Sometimes it might mean staying home instead of going to a party she doesn’t want to attend, sometimes it will mean going to a party because seeing her friends and sharing a bottle of wine sounds fun. Sometimes it will mean drawing, however badly, because she enjoys sketching for the pleasure of it rather than as a means to any monetary end. Sometimes it will mean doing housework and then a long hot bath she feels she’s earned.

Choosing happiness is a goal she can happily work towards, not something she’ll be miserable over three weeks into January, and that’s a good start.


Fic Snippet: Companionship

Romaine realises how important El’s companionship has become to him.

person holding bowl
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El made pasta, store brought ingredients though she added a handful of fresh herbs to the mix. Romaine laid the table, poured the drinks, lit a tealight on the ceramic coaster for some added atmosphere.

It still felt odd in some ways, after being alone for so long, to have this level of companionship. It also felt, paradoxically, utterly normal. It had become usual and he didn’t want to think too hard about it ceasing to be so. It wasn’t like he was a stranger to finding himself cut out of people’s lives or needing to cut them out.

“Isn’t it good?” El asked, frowning. He looked up from his meal.

“It’s wonderful,” he said sincerely, gaining a smile from her. “I was just thinking. About how nice it is to share meals like this.”

“I enjoy it too,” she said.

He changed the subject and soon they were laughing and talking about anything and everything. What he and El had was special and he’d cherish it.