Fic: When Fans Collide

black and white photo of a costumed fan at a comic or anime convention with the title text When Fans Collide written on top

Mira loved going to conventions and meeting other fans, buying merchandise, attending the celebrity panels, and joining in with the amazing cosplay; those who liked to dress up as a favourite character could get very inventive with their costumes.

Mira had chosen to dress as Domino from “Deadpool 2” this year, having previously cosplayed as characters including Wonder Woman, Zoë from “Firefly” and, last year, Valkyrie from “Thor: Ragnarok”. She hadn’t gone so far as to add a contact lens as another Dominio cosplayer she’d met at the registration desk had, but she’d carefully applied the white makeup around one eye and fluffed up her hair.

She’d hoped to meet her online friend of three years, and fellow fan, Erica, but at the last minute Erica had said she wouldn’t be able to make it this time, adding a sad emoji to her instant message. Erica hadn’t been to a fan convention before and was anxious about it, so Mira wondered if it was nerves that led her to back out.

“I’ll take lots of photos for you,” Mira had promised. She already had several of the building and a couple with some fans, including the other Dominio, who had gushed over Mira’s elbow-length fingerless leather gloves as more authentic than her own.

Mira browsed some of the stalls full of comics, signed photos, Funko Pops and other figurines, Blu-Ray box sets, and more. She’d got some money saved up especially to splurge on merchandise.

“Sorry,” someone said as they bumped into her. Mira looked up at the woman who was wearing a “Burr shot first” T-shirt and a beautiful dragon necklace.

“No problem. I love the shirt,” Mira said. “Both “Hamilton” and “Star Wars”, what’s not to love? My friend Erica has the same one.” Erica had proudly photographed the shirt laid out on her bed being admired by a plush Pikachu.

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Fic: A Little Spill

For the allbingo meet-ugly prompt “spill” – Johnny meets a mysterious woman by spilling beer on her.


Johnny thanked the bartender and took a step back, holding his pint glass aloft to move past the man seated at the bar, and as he turned bumped into someone.

They were also holding a glass. Beer sloshed over the top of both glasses, wetting Johnny’s sleeve and the woman’s purple-clad shoulder.

“Sorry!” Johnny glanced ruefully at his shirt. “I wasn’t looking.”

“Oh, no, it was my fault,” she said. “I wasn’t looking either. Just a little spill. No harm done?”

“Nothing a turn in the washing machine won’t fix,” Johnny said and flashed her a smile. She was close to his age, thirty-ish, with pale skin and deep brown eyes to contrast with his olive complexion and blue eyes.

She laughed. “It’ll dry out for the moment. I’ll go and sit in the sun.”

Johnny watched her move toward the outdoor seating. He sipped at his beer, savoured the cool taste. No-one joined the woman at the table she chose and she didn’t take out a book or e-reader from her handbag, not even her phone. It wouldn’t be interrupting if he asked to join her, would it?

He’d promised himself he’d take more risks this year.

“Hey,” he said, gesturing as he approached the table. “Can I join you? If you’d rather be alone I get it though.”

She smiled. “Sure.”

“Sure I can sit or sure I should go away?” He smiled again.

“Sit,” she said, nodding to the bench opposite her. “You can dry your shirt out too.”

He took a seat. “Thanks. I’m Johnny.”


Johnny tried to stifle a laugh. “Really?”

She giggled. “No.” She lifted her glass. “Cheers.”

Johnny clinked his glass against the mysterious woman’s. Despite the initial circumstances he had a good feeling about meeting her.


Flash Fiction: Outsider

Abigail is out of her depth at a party for the rich and famous until she meets someone else who seems to be an outsider.
For the allbingo “meet-ugly” prompt “accidental insult”


“Enjoying the party?”

Abigail shrugged. She’d come out onto the balcony for some air. Even in her short red dress she was hot, the atmosphere inside stifling both from the heat and the company. She was an outsider here, and while Claire could find a way feel at home amongst these people, Abigail could not.

“It’s not really my thing,” she said, lifting one tan hand to sip from the glass of wine.

“Parties?” he asked, before taking a sip from his whisky glass.

She turned her to the speaker. He was tall, broad shouldered, with blonde hair a little longer than was fashionable with this crowd. His suit looked the part but the inexpensive watch didn’t. Abigail had worked in a jewellery store for six months and had learnt more than she’d ever wanted to about watch brands and necklace clasps. He was probably as much out of his league here as she was.

“Not this kind of party. A few people I actually know, some snacks that I like, some music from this century. That’s a party.”

He laughed, came to lean on the railing alongside her. “You don’t appreciate classical music?”

“Sometimes. But it just makes this whole thing seem more formal. I don’t really do formal.”

He glanced around, leaned a little closer. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Abigail frowned, unnerved. “I guess.”

“I don’t really do formal either. You know what?” He tugged off his tie and tossed it over the balcony.

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Fic: Mistaken Identity

For the allbingo “meet-ugly” prompt “I thought you were my ex so I yelled at you in public. You’re not them”.
Thomas mistakes graphic designer Eddie for his asshole ex, Finn. Luckily, Eddie is more than understanding.


It had been a bad break-up and Thomas was still smarting from it so when he saw Finn, tall red-headed asshole, perusing the second-hand bookstall in the busy market, he couldn’t help himself.

“Thought you were going off to London, you wanker!” Thomas railed, hands balled into fists. “Going to get away from me and my issues! By screwing Gary, no doubt! You scumbag!”

Finn glanced over his shoulder but, to Thomas’s horror, it was not Finn’s face regarding him with puzzlement. Same build, similar long woollen grey coat, but this man was a little older with sea green eyes. Just as, if not more handsome than Finn. But absolutely not Finn.

The blood drained from Thomas’s face. If only the earth would open up and swallow him.

“I’m sorry?” the stranger asked.

“No. I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Since when had Finn carried a laptop bag!

“Some scumbag wanker?”

Thomas nodded, numb. “My ex,” he said by way of explanation. The stranger laughed.

“Well hopefully I’m not a scumbag. Excuse me a moment.” He picked up a book, an action thriller, and handed over cash to the stallholder.

Thomas was slinking away when the stranger, slipping the book into a voluminous inside pocket, said, “I’m Eddie.”

“Thomas.” He shook the proffered hand.

“I’ve got forty five minutes before my train,” Eddie said. “Would you like to get a coffee? I’d like the company.”

Thomas shrugged. He wouldn’t mind sitting down and gathering himself after his outburst. “I guess so.”

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