Poem: If You Do Nothing

monochrome photo of resist signage
Photo by Sides Imagery on Pexels.com

If You Do Nothing

When your freedom is threatened
Your very of way life
Do you embrace it? Demand more of it?
Do you accept it without question?
Do you comply reluctantly?
Do you resist somewhat?
Do you rebel?
Where is your line in the sand?
When will each of you say “enough”?
And turn against your oppressors?


I am a writer

close up of human hand
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I am a writer and I am not sorry for that.
I write what I want to write.
I write what brings me joy.
I write what lets me express and explore my pain.
I write the things I want to read.
I write, inspired by others.
I write to challenge myself.
I write for others on occasion.
I write for myself.
I write also what I need to write.
I am a writer and I am not sorry.

My writing statement, September 2018.

What and why do you write? Scott Russell Saunders, author of The Most Human of Arts, gives a list of reasons we need stories. These include teaching us to be human, to educate our desires, to show us consequences, to teach us empathy by looking through the eyes of other people, to delight in language, and to create community.

Are you apologetic about your writing? Do you feel uncomfortable using that label? If not, did you ever? Has anyone made you feel uncomfortable about what you write by criticising you for writing “dark” or “problematic” fiction? How do you get past negative reviews or rejections?

Think about your writing and maybe write your own statement that says “I am a writer…” and see what comes up for you, what is most important or relevant to you right now. Are there are any surprises? Or are you secure in your approach to writing?

I’d love to see what you come up with.