Drabble: Negotiation

A dialogue only exact drabble (100 words)

“So, what’s the game plan?”

“The what?”

“The game plan. You know. The strategy for the meeting.”

“For one thing it’s to stop using Americanisms like that, or ‘touching base’ – we’re neither American nor athletes.”

“What about ‘grounded’?”

“That’s a military term, I believe. And hardly relevant in either its original term or the current context of stopping a teenager from leaving the house as a form of punishment.”

“Fine. So, what’s the strategy?”

“Same as always. Let them speak first, laugh at their initial offer, reduce it by half as a counter-offer, and then see where we’re at.”


Fic: Eye of the Beholder


Summary: One person’s art is another person’s rubbish.
Previously posted to a personal journal for the 30 days of fiction meme prompt #5 write a scene entirely in dialogue

“It’s a very interesting piece.”

“Interesting? How?”

“Well…it’s symbolic. Probably.”


“I don’t know. Stuff. Things that other things are symbolic of.”

“Oh, that’s deep. Unlike the colours.”

“It’s a watercolour. That’s actually a more difficult medium than oils, you know.”

“Incredibly difficult by the look of this.”


“Putting it mildly.”

“I mean that it has few connotations beyond what you, as the viewer, bring to it. It allows you to form your own opinion on the piece and any themes within it.”

“I see. I have an opinion.”


“It looks like a four year old painted it and then the cat piddled on it.”

Ficlet: Lost


Two friends see their situation very differently. Dialogue only fic for the writerverse prompt “lost”.

“We’re not lost.”

“Well, where are we then?”

“Heading north. We have to come out at the main trail again eventually, or the river and we can follow that back. The forest isn’t that big.”

“Big enough.”

“Don’t worry! Who was it who said that you can’t have an adventure if you’re always checking the map?”

“Someone who wasn’t tired, and cold, and bloody well starving.”

“I promise we’ll be back at the car before it gets dark, and there’s water and chocolate in the glove compartment. Just trust me.”

“Fine. But I still say we’re lost.”

“If you insist.”