Exact Drabble: Waiting for the Rain

selective focus photo of obalte green leafed plants during rain
Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya on Pexels.com

An exact drabble (100 words) for #writingwednesday.

The rain didn’t come on Monday. He filled the watering can and watered the flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

The rain didn’t come on Tuesday. After watering, he filled up the bird bath. A sparrow soon came for a tiny sip.

The rain didn’t come on Wednesday. The south-easterly wind pushed the clouds away, leaving only sweltering heat. The grass was turning brown, and even the hardy wildflowers in the wild corner of the garden were beginning to wilt.

The rain came on Friday, finally, just as he began filling the watering can.

He laughed and let the rain water him.

Exact Drabble: Sunshine

sky space dark galaxy
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¬†For the prompts ‘sunshine’ and ‘sci-fi’

She gazed at the myriad stars. So many, yet so little light.

The ship relied upon internal lighting. There was one window at the front of the ship while viewscreens supplied information about the rest of the vessel’s exterior. Outside it was perpetually night, or so it seemed. In the vacuum of space there could be no day.

She sighed, and checked the star map. She needed to find a planet, take a rest stop before making the delivery. She needed to stand on solid ground for an hour or so.

She needed to feel the sunlight on her skin.

Drabble: A Meditation on the Element of Air

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A gentle breeze stirred her hair, rustling the leaves of the chestnut tree she sat meditating beneath.

The wind could be a welcome draught to mitigate summer’s heat, or an icy gust during winter. The helpful zephyrs that spread dandelion seeds, and dried laundry, were one aspect of the same element of air that had battered the coast last winter with hurricane force winds felling trees.

The absence of wind could leave ships without engines stranded on a becalmed sea, while fierce gales could whip up the waves to capsize a vessel.

Balance; that was the lesson she needed today,

Drabble: Negotiation

A dialogue only exact drabble (100 words)

“So, what’s the game plan?”

“The what?”

“The game plan. You know. The strategy for the meeting.”

“For one thing it’s to stop using Americanisms like that, or ‘touching base’ – we’re neither American nor athletes.”

“What about ‘grounded’?”

“That’s a military term, I believe. And hardly relevant in either its original term or the current context of stopping a teenager from leaving the house as a form of punishment.”

“Fine. So, what’s the strategy?”

“Same as always. Let them speak first, laugh at their initial offer, reduce it by half as a counter-offer, and then see where we’re at.”

Drabble: The Witch and The Moon



The Witch and the Moon

An exact drabble. For the 100-tales prompt “moon”. As always, thanks for reading; comments, concrit, likes/shares are all welcome.

“A witch is always accompanied by the moon,” she said.

He gazed up thoughtfully at the stars twinkling in the midnight blue canopy. “But what about when the moon is new?”

“The moon is always there, even if we cannot see Her. Day or night, full or new. To stand outside beneath a full moon is powerful, spiritual, yes. But we are never far from Her,” she said. “Besides the new moon has its own magic of fresh starts.”

“I see.” He looked at her now, secure and confident in a way he’d never seen her before. It suited her.


Drabble: Time to Work


For the song prompt “You Know My Name”; exact drabble. Thank you for reading, likes/shares and comments are always gratefully received.

There’d been other career options, post-military service but this one had unexpectedly presented itself and he was good at it. Also it paid exceptionally well.

It was a job with certain risks and inconveniences but he had the skills and connections. He’d perfected choosing the right clients; those who were genuine, could pay, and could be trusted to keep their mouths shut.

There were better, safer, jobs, ones in offices instead of on damp rooftops, but on the whole there were far worse jobs.

A car door opened on the street below. Time to work.

He lifted his sniper rifle.

Micro Fic #4


Written for various challenge prompts:

Six word prompts

Sun, sand, lapping waves; total contentment.

She smiled, revealing sharp, deadly, fangs.

One sentence prompts

Later, he’d look back and see that this, this single seemingly inconsequential action, was where it all began.

He fiddled with the bowtie, feeling like a fool; he’d honestly rather defuse a bomb than try to make small talk at some obnoxious gathering of the rich and privileged.

Exact drabbles (100 words)

You Can’t Be Serious

“I know what I saw.” Her face was serious, no hint of her usual sunny disposition in her tight lips and narrowed eyes. It seemed less and less likely that she was playing a trick on him and more and more likely that she was delusional.

“You can’t be serious.”

She nodded fervently. “I am. He is a vampire.”

“Vampires do not exist,” he protested, trying to reason with her. “They’re mythological creatures, fictions of our subconscious, symbols of our deepest desires and fears; sex, death, blood.”

“They don’t exist?”


She pointed behind him. “Tell that to him.”

An awful dream

She climbs into his bed, her feet and hands freezing as she cuddles up against him. He turns, pulls her close. She’s shaking, and not just from the cold.

“You’re freezing.” He kisses her hair, wraps as much of his own body around her as he can. She shivers violently against him and he says nothing more, just whispering comforting noises.

When she’s warmer and calmer, he asks what’s wrong.

“I had the most awful dream.”

“What about?”

She shakes her head. “I can’t say. Not while it’s dark.”

So he simply holds her, and they both sleep until morning.


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Birdseed (exact drabble)



“If you’re so hard up then why do you buy birdseed?” he asks, puzzled.

“Because it’s relatively inexpensive for the benefits I get. I put a handful out every day,” she says. “And the birds come and eat it. Pigeons, blackbirds, robins, sparrows, and crows. They wait for me now, eager each morning. I get to watch them peck at the seed. I know some are nesting in the nearby bushes. It gives me a sense of communion with nature. I know it’s a small thing and hardly earth changing. But it makes me feel useful. As if I matter.”

Fic: Beetles? (flash fic, exact drabble)

100 words (exact drabble, no warnings apply, originally posted at my fic blog)

“Hey, I’m home.” J kicked the front door shut and headed into the kitchen with the three bags of groceries.

“Ugh, why won’t you die?” There was the sound of something being thumped in the lounge.

“That is not nice!” J shouted, putting the milk into the fridge. “Especially since I got you a giant chocolate chip cookie.”

“Not you! I’ve killed eighteen of them but they keep coming!”

J frowned, glanced at the floor. “Do we have another beetle infestation or you are playing that zombie game again? Because I’d like to know before I take my shoes off.”

Drabble: An Evening Stroll

 fic: an evening stroll>

Title: An Evening Stroll
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Content Notes: No standard warnings apply.

I leap atop the fence and stalk my way across the narrow beams, graceful as an Olympic gymnast. The moon lights my way, but I see perfectly well in the dark. I stretch and drop soundlessly to the ground.

I pad around my territory, damp grass brushing my whiskers and wetting my paws. The evening’s scents tickle my nose. Eager to taste the aromas I open my mouth in what looks like a smile.

A moth flutters past. I chase it, partly for fun, mostly from instinct. It gets away. I yawn, languidly. I didn’t want to catch it anyway.


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