Birdseed (exact drabble)



“If you’re so hard up then why do you buy birdseed?” he asks, puzzled.

“Because it’s relatively inexpensive for the benefits I get. I put a handful out every day,” she says. “And the birds come and eat it. Pigeons, blackbirds, robins, sparrows, and crows. They wait for me now, eager each morning. I get to watch them peck at the seed. I know some are nesting in the nearby bushes. It gives me a sense of communion with nature. I know it’s a small thing and hardly earth changing. But it makes me feel useful. As if I matter.”


Fic: Beetles? (flash fic, exact drabble)

100 words (exact drabble, no warnings apply, originally posted at my fic blog)

“Hey, I’m home.” J kicked the front door shut and headed into the kitchen with the three bags of groceries.

“Ugh, why won’t you die?” There was the sound of something being thumped in the lounge.

“That is not nice!” J shouted, putting the milk into the fridge. “Especially since I got you a giant chocolate chip cookie.”

“Not you! I’ve killed eighteen of them but they keep coming!”

J frowned, glanced at the floor. “Do we have another beetle infestation or you are playing that zombie game again? Because I’d like to know before I take my shoes off.”

Drabble: An Evening Stroll

 fic: an evening stroll>

Title: An Evening Stroll
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Content Notes: No standard warnings apply.

I leap atop the fence and stalk my way across the narrow beams, graceful as an Olympic gymnast. The moon lights my way, but I see perfectly well in the dark. I stretch and drop soundlessly to the ground.

I pad around my territory, damp grass brushing my whiskers and wetting my paws. The evening’s scents tickle my nose. Eager to taste the aromas I open my mouth in what looks like a smile.

A moth flutters past. I chase it, partly for fun, mostly from instinct. It gets away. I yawn, languidly. I didn’t want to catch it anyway.


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