3 x 3 sentence fics


3 x 3 sentence fics for prompts at a 3 sentence ficathon.


“Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance?”

Bound in chains at the tyrant’s feet, the knight said, “I wanted to give you a chance to surrender, because I believe in redemption.”

The tyrant raised an eyebrow, and his sword, and said, “Well, sadly for you, I don’t.”


He leaned back, contented from the birthday feast, eyes tired and heavy, but she shook her head, saying, “I haven’t given you your present yet.”

She began to unlace her gown, then paused and asked, “Would you care to unwrap it yourself?”

All thoughts of sleep fled with a grin as he moved to accept his gift.


If you go into the forest, beware my child, for there are predators who may look pretty and speak gentle words but are deadly.

Stay off the paths and in the shadows and trust no human. Beware especially the ones who dress in red for they carry knives and kill wolves without hesitation.

Thanks for reading!
Note: these are edited from previous versions posted to my personal journal

Book Review: UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn

Maybe I read a newer edition than other commentators at Goodreads because I didn’t find a lot of grammar errors – and lately I’ve been giving up on many an ebook for atrocious editing, especially the obnoxious “free reign” when what is meant is “free rein”.

The overall story was captivating; if you enjoy Pratchett’s Discworld then you’ll enjoy the idea of the Story becoming an entity in its own right and the twists it makes to ensure the narrative continues. If you’re a fan of the tv show Grimm, you’ll appreciate the similarities between Nick and Mina, whose ancestry thrusts them into a modern twist on fairy tales. If you enjoy the idea of a female protagonist, a Red Riding Hood who fights back against the wolf instead of waiting for a hunter, then this is for you.

My only real complaint was with the grimoire. Mina asks if it is a spellbook – yes, that’s the proper usage of the term. No, her mother says, it’s a book for the family Grimm. Grim-oire, gettit? An unnecessary pun that would have worked better if it were at least posited as the original grimoire and all others are mere shades of the sentient magical book.

An enjoyable free download that, while being an introduction to a series, also does the reader the decency of not ending on a cliffhanger. Mina has a long way to go, but we come to a natural pause in her journey and I didn’t feel shortchanged as I have when finishing other free ebooks, some of which end abruptly and with zero resolution of any plot threads.