3 x 3 Sentence fics (10th July)

For #writingwednesday, 3 x 3 sentence fics based on prompts found at 300+ One-Word Writing Prompts by Michael Kwan at freelance-writing.



The happy couples moved around the dance floor and he watched, enjoying the music.

“Dance with me?” Ben asked, holding out one hand.

He hesitated only a moment before accepting, letting Ben hold him close as they swayed to the melody, ignoring what anyone else in his family might think.



“Ben’s cute,” she said, nudging her brother as they took the air outside, his jacket draped around her shoulder. She smiled, adding, “I think we share the same taste in men.”

He laughed, relieved at her easy acceptance of this part of his life, and said, “He’s mine, sis!”



“Why are you laughing when I have you both at my mercy?” the villain asked, frowning, while the resistance leader, in chains next to the laughing man, was just as perplexed.

The anti-hero lifted his now free hands, a blade clutched in one, saying, “You don’t know me but I know how, after your adviser hired me to carry out an assassination, you ordered my murder. I survived and joined the resistance, let us get captured for this opportunity, the moment I finally take my revenge.”


Fic: Mistaken Identity

For the allbingo “meet-ugly” prompt “I thought you were my ex so I yelled at you in public. You’re not them”.
Thomas mistakes graphic designer Eddie for his asshole ex, Finn. Luckily, Eddie is more than understanding.


It had been a bad break-up and Thomas was still smarting from it so when he saw Finn, tall red-headed asshole, perusing the second-hand bookstall in the busy market, he couldn’t help himself.

“Thought you were going off to London, you wanker!” Thomas railed, hands balled into fists. “Going to get away from me and my issues! By screwing Gary, no doubt! You scumbag!”

Finn glanced over his shoulder but, to Thomas’s horror, it was not Finn’s face regarding him with puzzlement. Same build, similar long woollen grey coat, but this man was a little older with sea green eyes. Just as, if not more handsome than Finn. But absolutely not Finn.

The blood drained from Thomas’s face. If only the earth would open up and swallow him.

“I’m sorry?” the stranger asked.

“No. I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Since when had Finn carried a laptop bag!

“Some scumbag wanker?”

Thomas nodded, numb. “My ex,” he said by way of explanation. The stranger laughed.

“Well hopefully I’m not a scumbag. Excuse me a moment.” He picked up a book, an action thriller, and handed over cash to the stallholder.

Thomas was slinking away when the stranger, slipping the book into a voluminous inside pocket, said, “I’m Eddie.”

“Thomas.” He shook the proffered hand.

“I’ve got forty five minutes before my train,” Eddie said. “Would you like to get a coffee? I’d like the company.”

Thomas shrugged. He wouldn’t mind sitting down and gathering himself after his outburst. “I guess so.”

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