All in Your Head

image from Morguefile

Imagine someone you care about, a relative or a close friend, has a long term physical ailment. Let’s say they have a bad back. Now let’s add that they’ve been ill with a cold and a sneeze has aggravated their problems so they’re suffering more than normal.

Do you think it is reasonable to shout at them for not putting away groceries, given that it would not be impossible but would be painful for them to reach up to a cupboard?

If they’re feeling down because they haven’t been able to go out and go shopping or meet friends, because they’ve been ill, is it okay to get angry with them for being upset about it? Or to refuse to take them shopping, further isolating them, because they’re over emotional?

You have free minutes on your mobile and it’s no problem to phone their landline or their mobile. If they prefer you call the mobile, physically easier to get to, rather than the landline, do you make this small accommodation? Or do you refuse to talk to them at all because they’re just making a fuss?

Now, imagine the issue isn’t a bad back but a mental illness. Continue reading All in Your Head