Ficlet: Beached


Title: Beached
Fandom: Original fic
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 302
Prompt: For the thirty days of fiction meme prompt #2 Write a scene with a drunken mythological creature
Summary: Drinking rum and swimming in the ocean isn’t the best idea – but not for the reason you might think
Notes: While this is intended be readable as a one-shot, it got longer than anticipated so I’ll be writing more of this universe for the prompt meme; all will be tagged c: nala
“Lookit me,” shrieked Nala. “I’s a pirate.” She waved the bottle around in her right hand, her seashell bracelet jangling against the glass.

Sera, sitting on a rocky outcropping, shook her head. Every time there was a shipwreck her sisters seemed to lose all common sense. Raina was still hunting for survivors (which would have been commendable if it were simply out of the goodness of her heart and not a search for a suitor), Tayla had been collecting up all the shiny flotsam, and Erra had nearly got herself tangled up in the rigging three times while exploring the wreck.

Nala had found the galley and helped herself to all of the rum she could find. She now floated on her back, hair spread out behind her like seaweed. She was staring at the sky as the sun rose, turning the clouds a beautiful, if ominous, rose-pink.

“Nala,” Sera called urgently, spotting the drunken girl floating away from her. “Nala, look out.”

“What?” Nala turned onto her front and saw the reason for Sera’s concern. “Oh, don’t worry. I is a pirate, right?”

“No, you are not,” Sera yelled. “Get back here right now!”

Nala raised herself up in the water and spread her arms wide, sending sea spray flying in all directions and the now empty bottle off into the waves. “Look, I have a legs.”

And then a large wave grabbed her from behind and threw her unceremoniously onto the beach.


Nala spat sand from her mouth. “Oof,” she complained.

Sera shook her head in dismay. The tide had already turned. If Nala didn’t get back into the sea soon, she’d be trapped until the next high tide. “Into the water, you foolish child,” Sera called.

The only thing worse than a drunken mermaid was a beached one.

originally posted at my fic blog  Image made by me in Photoshop with a personal photo used as a base.