Writing Prompts

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This month’s theme was ‘gatekeeping’ and you can find the other pieces under the tag.

For this final #writingwednesday of the month I’m going to give some prompts coneced to the theme and also to the season. Create a work – fiction, poem, creative non fiction, or art based on any of these:

* Gatekeeping
* Censorship
* Exclusionism

* Autumn
* Seasons
* Halloween or Samhain

* “I’m part of the community despite what they say”
* “Sometimes I just go and play in the leaves, like a child does, and it helps me relax”
* “You can smell the change in the air”


Seasonal Haiku


Stressed, overheated
Relentless sun. I await
The night’s cool embrace


Crisp, gold, fallen leaves
Ripe apples and blackberries
First frost, shorter days


Chill wind, threat of snow
The sun is low, branches bare
Proud fir remains green


Green shoots promise us
Renewal, return of light
Life and abundance