Haiku: Cold

The Hawk Squawks

January night

siphons the heat from my bones,

the wind, a scythe’s edge

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Moving Advice From My Future Self

Fantastic read


By hawkelsonrainier

Pack your things in heavy-duty corrugated brown boxes. They hold up better in transit. Don’t go cheap on the truck rental either – you’ll want at least 865 cubic feet of cargo space. If you find a letter from an old flame in a dresser drawer, do not read it. The nostalgia will only distract you, and you’ll be compelled to look her up on social media. It will become apparent that she’s doing well for herself on the East Coast, and you’ll still be here with all these boxes to load as the last of the sunlight bleeds away.

Hawkelson Rainier dabbles in short fiction and poetry from time to time. His debut novel, The Lake Erie Lights, It is available at Kellan Publishing.

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Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Theres a kid inside my mind.  He wants me to make sense of all the horror and wonder contained in the world, and lace it into a compelling narrative—a narrative that lifts his heart, opens his thoughts, and inspires him to write a story of his own.

I think when we craft a story for that hidden version of ourselves, it seems to connect with everyone else’s.  And for an undeniable moment in that spot-on story, it seems we can be that kid again; the one who turns the pages with wide-eyed wonder, and has to restrain themselves from jumping up from their seat and whooping in delight.

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Miniature Painting #20 — Watercolor Miniatures by Alex Markovich

Artist: Alex Markovich. Suzdal, Vladimir Oblast, Russia. November 2014.

via Miniature Painting #20 — Watercolor Miniatures by Alex Markovich
I couldn’t see a way to comment on this except to share it and I really wanted to say that all the works are lovely but this one really stood out, spoke to me. The background beige as sand/earth, the hints of rocks and plants at the shore, the water and the currents within. It’s gorgeous 🙂

The Writing Page | Part One | Advice That Authors Should Reconsider & Revise


I have been reading a lot of writing articles and advice videos lately that have gotten me to consider all the bits of wisdom out there for writers just starting out. This led me to want to write a piece on all the bad advice writers should revise and reconsider ….

There is a lot of them out there and this series will be broken into two parts. In today’s blog post, I am discussing five pieces of advice that are not so helpful. I hope you enjoy the article and please leave in the comments below the worst writing/reading advice you have ever received. I would love to hear about them. Thank you!

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