Waters mirror life

                   Nature’s welcoming gesture

golden hued mornings 

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to God’s

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Imagination Challenge — The Haunted Wordsmith

It looked simple enough when she saw it in the store. It wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t too large that she thought she wouldn’t be able to finish it. But, once she got home, took the plastic wrap off and removed the lid, she learned how very wrong she was. “Good lord, that’s a […]

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An inventive tale!

SAVE BUTTON HOUSE | Fundraising To Help Restore West Horsley Place

Idiots Assembled

If you’re clued up on your Ghosts knowledge, you’ll know that the location of Button House is actually West Horsley Place, a Grade I listed medieval manor house and estate in Surrey, England that dates all the way back to 1425. You may also know that, along with some outbuildings, the estate is itself in some state of disrepair.

With an eerily similar backstory to that of the show, in 2014 Bamber and Christina Gascoigne unexpectedly inherited West Horsley Place from Bamber’s aunt, Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe, and in 2015 the Mary Roxburghe Trust was formed. (Read more here.)

We reached out to see if we could offer our help and are delighted to be working alongside West Horsley Place and the Mary Roxburghe Trust in order to raise funds to help restore this beautiful building, which is currently on Historic England’s Heritage ‘At Risk’ Register.

“West Horsley Place…

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To Write or Not To Write (8/52)

Fic rec. You can’t forbid a writer to write; we can’t turn off our thoughts. Even if we can resist putting the words down on paper or screen, ideas remain.
Reminiscent of how the story behind “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Gilman’s torment at being told not to write.

The Tale Teller

You’re a writer? The inside of your brain must be a terrifying place.

He could smell the sweet waft of daisies as he walked among them, with his bare feet treading over the mud, his toes peeking in and out of the soil, dirtying his nails. His hand swayed over the petals. He felt their softness on his skin, and the delicate mess that the pink bud created at the spot where it kissed the stem.

While he walked, he looked around. He looked at the water that trickled down the stream and mosaicked into millions of drops of sparkles, that shone brighter with the slant rays of the sun that was getting ready to sleep.

And he heard. He heard the cawing crows, the hum of the insects who would not be seen, but only heard, the sugary song of a blue bird perched on top of the tree…

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Poem with an explanation: The rain fell — M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things

M Sakran’s blog gives wonderful poems with explanations about the styles or here, the content, giving insight into how poetry is written and why it resonates with us. A great follow for any readers and writers of poetry.

The rain fell – the farmer celebrated, the builder complained. This poem is about how people respond to social issue news. The news sometimes has stories about social issues. It might be a law being passed, a change in public opinion, a change in industry practices, a survey, or something else. The news presents […]

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