Flight — Little Fears

“I had an inventor stop in for a pint a few weeks back,” said Reala. “Oh, aye,” replied Fuen. “Did she invent anything we might have heard of?” “The cold air balloon,” said Reala. “It never really took off.” Cheers to Bruce Campbell, Badger, Kathy & Warren for the continued $10 Patronage. You can find me on…

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Great short story.


By Neel Anil Panicker

It was always like that with her around.
We would sit down, all five of us, (almost invariably ar some cosy night club or multi-cuisine restro) either after work, or during one of those rare weekends when all of us were free, and
let our hair down discussing the day’s or week’s happenings.

Just about an hour into it, and just when the conversations would take on a more warm and cosy ambience, she would butt in, dropping a bomb.

A classic example went somewhat like this:
“Hey buddies, come let’s take a vote. Who do you think is a bigger evil X or Y?

Now, imagine our plight. Here we are, just settling down after a hard day’s work, relaxing with our favourite poisons, lathering our mouths with the heavenly delicacies, our senses being automatically massaged by virtue of booking ourselves into one…

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