Ficlet: An Unexpected Find

Ficlet about an unexpected discovery, If it inspires you to write a longer work or you want to use it as a Story Starter, that would be amazing, please just drop a link back to this post, thank you!

An Unexpected Find

“What are the red ones?” Em asked, twirling the cellophane wrapped chocolate between her fingers.

Without thinking Joe  turned the box upside down because someone lacking the sense of a not so bright goldfish had designed packaging with the key on the bottom of the box.

Multi-coloured chocolates rained onto the floor.

“Oops,” Em offered, unwrapping the chocolate, presumably willing to play chocolate roulette.

Joe gave a deep sigh. He stared at the box, found the image of the red chocolate and said, “Strawberry Sunbeam. Dark chocolate with a soft strawberry filling surrounding a caramel core.”

Em popped the exotically named chocolate into her mouth and bent down. She and Joe picked up the chocolates, tossing them back into the box. Joe found a toffee lurking under the coffee table, having rolled away in a rather spectacular fashion, and on his hands and knees now spotted the glint of a silver wrapper nearby.

“Which ones are the coconut?” Em asked. “I should have take a photo with my phone. Let me put the lid back on and I’ll that.”

Joe was barely listening. He’d reached under the sofa and snatched up the Star Bright chocolate, a silvery foil wrapped white chocolate with a rum flavoured truffle centre, but something else caught his eye.

“What have you got there?” Em asked as he sat back up, the tiny thing balanced on his palm.

“A key,” Joe said. “A very tiny key.”

“I wonder what it’s for?”

“I don’t know.” But Joe wanted to find out.

This was going to be a bigger puzzle than which chocolate was his least favourite, the peanut and fudge connotation he found terribly mislabelled as “Fairground Delight”.

Writing Prompt: story starter

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She barged into the office, the door slamming against the wall. She drew her weapon in one smooth movement as she crossed the room so that as she stopped in front of his desk the barrel was now pointed at his head.

He leaned back in his chair, outwardly unperturbed. “Are you going to shoot me?”

She huffed a laugh. “I’ve killed eight men today,” she said. “What’s one more?”

For the first time there was a hint of fear in his eyes.


If the story starter inspires you then have fun writing and please link me so I can read the results!